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Drexel undergraduate students have some characteristics that differentiate them their contemporaries at many other universities. Most are related to the fact that most of them are engaged in CoOp while at Drexel.

Main Body Title

After the first CoOp experience (Sophomore or Pre-Junior year) you're likely to find that the students are more mature and focused thanks to their six months of "real" professional work experience.
Part Time Work Many students will work part time, often too much in the view of faculty members. This can lead to issues of class attendance, deadline difficulties and complaints about class scheduling.
Debt Most students are in debt. This in turn leads to pressure to work part time. The Financial Aid package that most students receive includes substatial student loans. (This is not different from other schools).
Commuter Only during their first year do most students live in Drexel housing. Thereafter most are commuters of some sort. Many live in fraternities or apartments close to campus, but others live considerably further away. This may lead to scheduling or attendance problems.
Honors Many of the high-GPA students are members of the Honors program. During their first year many of them live in the same dorm. Thereafter there are many programs for them including specialized advising. The Honors program welcomes faculty involvement.
CoOp Issues

Multiple issues arise from the fact that students spend one half their time on CoOp during the middle three years:

  • Continuity in student organizations is often difficult
  • Students don't know the other half of "their" class. This can cause issues if teamwork is required during the senior year.
  • Students may be absent from class during the period when they are interviewing for CoOp positions.
Update: 19-Sep-2007