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Like all universities Drexel is heavily involved in taking advantage of electronic resources, most of which are available via the WWW.

At the bottom of this page are a few general web resources and a link to an extensive list gathered by Jim Mitchell.

IRT (Information Resources and Technology)

IRT provides many services for faculty, students and staffs. Amongst them are:

EMail Outlook as well as web mail
Bb Vista Very powerful course management system. You need training to use it, provided by IRT.
Wireless Access Almost everywhere on campus has wireless access. You need to register your wireless device to access it.
Consulting EMail, telephone (215) 895-2698) help, as well as extensive help pages on the website.
Software Drexel has quite a few software packages licensed under various terms, including Microsoft Office. You can download many of them via ftp -
Web Server You can create your own website on the server Dunx1

A powerful online portfolio. Should be useful in preparing tenure dossiers. You apparently have to get to it through DrexelOne (below).

DrexelOne A "portal" to many Drexel resources including EMail, WebCT and portfolios.
Faculty Development Center A space in Korman with both equipment and consulting for faculty, wih the goal of helping you take advantage of technology.



Vast numbers of journals, online books as well as the card catalog. Includes several efficient interlibrary loan services, electronic reserves and specialized pages for courses.

Get to know your reference library librarian. They are extremely helpful.

They've created a "New Students Guide to the Library." Much of it should be helpful to faculty.

Research Office Graduate studies info; policies; forms; seminars - much more.
SRC - Student Resource Center Information on schedules, course descriptions, calendars, policies, forms and much, much more. Use the dropdown menus at the top, particularly the one labeled "Current Students" for access to much of this information.
Human Resources - Benefits Drexel employment information. Of particular interest to faculty is the information about the administration of benefits available to you.
Note: To see your payroll info you must use Drexel One.
Provost Office Vast numbers of policies and links to academic areas throughout the university. There is some overlap with the SRC site because it reports to the Provost..
Brio & Banner

Student records (and much else) are contained in the Banner system. To use it directly requires authorization and training - most faculty don't find it necessary.

There is also a reporting system named "Brio" that can be very helpful in retrieving information about classes and student populations. Again it requires authorization and training, but is relatively straightforward.

Classlists You can obtain photographs of all the students in your current courses as well as an EMail list from this site. Many have found it helpful preparing for the first meeting of their classes.
Student Life & Resources Students have a wide range of resources available to them, many of which they are, in practice, unware of. You can find many of those resources online.


Web Education Resources

Academic Commons Academic Commons provides a forum for academic professionals interested in investigating educational technologies within a liberal-arts context, advances opportunities for collaborative design, open development, and rigorous peer critique of such resources, and connects technology to the outcomes of liberal arts education.
Chronicle of Higher Education You probably already know about this, but if you don't it’s the source of academic news, job listings and articles. You have to subscribe ($) to see more than a few headlines.
CL-1 College Level One - NSF-supported Innovations in Science, Technology, Math education (STEM) Addresses collaborative learning, Field-test learing assessment and the general topic of learning through technology.
National Teaching and Learning Forum Site for a newsletter ($) that contains regular, worthwhile articles on teaching and learning. You do not have to subscribe to access many of their materials, particularly those in the "supplemental materials" section.
Online Resources for Faculty Development A selective, lightly annotated set of links of interest to educators.
Plagiarism Devoted to all aspects of plagiarism. It's fairly dull visually, but has a lot of material.
Student Assessment of Learning Gains You may create and use your own assessment module and look a those developed by other educators.
Teaching Engineering A book (downloadable as a PDF) published in 1993, but still extraordinarily thorough. It's particularly useful for technical faculty but has a great deal of information useful for all.
The Educator's Reference Desk- Resource Guides "The Educator's Reference Desk builds on over a quarter century of experience providing high-quality resources and services to the education community."
Tomorrow's Professor Listserv Archives The archives of a free email newsletter addressing a great range of topics of interest to college professors. It comes from Stanford and is of the excellent quality you would expect. Highly recommended.
Jim Mitchell's List of Educational Sites Jim Mitchell's large list of links on education topics accumulated over multiple years.


Update: 19-Sep-2007