Dates Key Dates


Life as a faculty member is filled with deadlines. This section gives a few, primarily related to teaching, and a suggestion for how to manage them.

Note that Drexel's schedule does not match most other universities because of our quarter system. This can mean complications when scheduling conference attendance since most of them are based on other school's semester calendars.

The Academic Calendars for Drexel are listed under the "Current Students" tab. You can know your teaching key dates from that calendar for several years into the future.
Exam Schedule The Final Exam schedule is posted during the term on the SRC page under the "Current Students" tab.
Grades Deadline As noted on the Grading page grades are due 48 hours after you give a final exam.
Senior Grade Deadlines Grades for Seniors during their final term must be submitted early in order to allow "clearance" for graduation to take place. The information on the due dates is provided by the SRC. It is your responsibility to check your classlists for seniors, although they should tell you if it's not a senior class.
Convocation Convocation is the formal beginning of the academic year. It takes place at a variable date during the fall term. Classes are cancelled for 2-3 hours at the end of the morning during convocation. In AY2007 it is October 18th.
Commencement/Graduation Commencement takes place, usually on a Saturday, after the end of the spring term. Faculty are urged/required to attend.
Textbook Ordering Don't forget that the information about textbooks for the next term needs to be submitted well beforehand, usually by the middle of the term before. The bookstore sends out notices.
Update: 19-Sep-2007