Helpful Helpful People


Many fine people work for Drexel. This list is a very selective one with the intent of helping you find access to the vast network of informal communication and assistance present in every institution.

Departmental Administrators and Secretaries

Most departmental administrators are treasure troves of helpful information. They're generally eager to assist with information on an extraordinary range of topics including:

  • Telephones
  • Mailing and packages
  • Helpful people in other departments and offices
  • Key dates
  • Forms
  • Facilities
  • etc..........
Librarians The library has reference librarians. They are extraordinarily eager to help both with research and teaching issues. They're invaluable and may suggest things of which you never thought.
IRT Help The consultants in IRT can solve many computer problems with a phone call (215-895-2698). Be aware that there are various levels of consultants, from CoOps to senior staff - you may need to ask for more knowledgeable help for more difficult problems.
Update: 16-Sep-2006