Grading Grading and Course Administration


Administering a course well is an essential part of good teaching. This section presents some key information and resources that should be helpful.

The Office of the Provost publishes all the policies. When in doubt start here.
Grade Submission Deadline

The Provost's policy states - "Faculty members (full time & adjuncts) are responsible for reporting their grades each term via BANNERWEB (accessible from DrexelOne), 48 hours after the final examination is given."

This is very tight. Plan carefully.

Grade Submission All grades are submitted electronically via BannerWeb, which is accessible through your DrexelOne account. The process is quite straightforward.
Academic Honesty The link is to the formal academic honesty policy from the Main Campus's "Office of Judicial affairs." - Note that plagiarism and cheating on exams are both examples of violations of the policy.

Helpful Tools

Vista Blackboard Vista Blackboard builds in grading tools as well as many other resources. It does NOT submit the grades to Bannerweb.
Classlists You can obtain photographs of all the students in your current courses as well as an EMail list from this site. Many have found it helpful preparing for the first meeting of their classes.
Update: 09-Jul-2007