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Drexel is like many universities in most ways, but there are some aspects that deserve special attention.
Who's Who - Administrative The key officers of the university.
Quarter System

Most of Drexel operates on a quarter system. This means:

  • There are four terms per year, rather than two semesters.
  • Each term is 10 weeks long + an exam week (11 weeks in the fall because of Thanksgiving week). Here's a link to the academic calendars.
  • This time goes by very, very fast

Most students (not all) are engaged in the CoOp system. This means that:

  • for the middle three years of their normal five at Drexel half of each year's class is on CoOp while the other is in school.
  • for those same three years almost all classes for those students are taught twice a year - fall/spring or winter/summer
  • Summer is a regular term, not a time off.
  • Most departments must find faculty to teach during the summer.
Multiple Campuses

Drexel is now a multi-campus institution. The link will take you to map of the "Main Campus" in West Philadelphia as well as the "Center City" and "Queen Lane" campuses. There is a shuttle service that operates between the campuses.

Because different campuses developed as separate institutions there are significant cultural differences between them, including a different academic calendar.

The university encourages cooperation between the different campuses, particularly in research.

Update: 19-Sep-2007