CAEE Senior Design Presentation Schedule - Spring

All Presentations in CAEE Conference Room - 275 Alumni Engineering

Groups wishing to change their times can propose an empty slot or can agree to exchange with another group (you must work out the agreement). Please inform Prof. Mitchell ( of any desired changes.

Date Time Team # Title Advisor  Members
Tue 05/20 8:15 AM 2 Redevelopment of downtown Chester, Pennsylvania Martin Rafter, Stephanie; MacDonald, Lauren; Jones, Norman; Espadas, Elyse
Tue 05/20 9:00 AM 25 Burlington Bristol Bridge Retrofit and Remodeling Moon Kessler, Kyle; Dubbs, Nathaniel; Golecki, Tom; Gardner, James; Kramer, Daniel
Tue 05/20 9:45 AM 21 Green Residence for missionaries at WEC International Martin Savidge, Andrew; Dulka, Joe; Sponheimer, Kurt; Dhermillon, Ben; Roche, Aaron
Tue 05/20 10:30 AM 10 Father Judge Technology Center Mitchell Renfro, Chris; Miller, Sara; McShea, Mark; Boland, Mike; Coyle, Julie
Tue 05/20 11:15 AM 19 Feasibility, Application and Design of Bioreactor Landfill Technologies for the Control of Landfill Gas Emissions and Possible Beneficial Reuse Hsuan Henrick, Michael; Gryger, David; Digiovanni, Kimberly; Hildenbrand, Joseph
  12:00 PM Lunch      
Tue 05/20 1:00 PM      
Tue 05/20 1:45 PM 20 Renovation and Remediation of Historic Residence for Student Use Hamid Draa, Natalie; DiAntonio, Philip; Humeas, Joe; Lee, Winnie
Tue 05/20 2:30 PM 3 Multi-Use Meeting Hall and Training Building designed using BIM on the WEC International Fort Washington Campus Mitchell Lee, Anita; Buss, Mary; Snyder, Steve; Unger, Justin; Kuzma, Josh
Tue 05/20 3:15 PM 5 Harrison Township Recreational Center Extension and Main Street Boulevard Mullin Olmes, Stephanie; Seybert, Joseph; Dobrowolski, Devin; Rutherford, Kyle; Bonck, John
Tue 05/20 4:00 PM        
Date Time Team # Title Advisor  Members
Wed 05/21 8:15 AM 15 Drexel Student Center Mitchell Dantone, Courtney; Neary, Matt; Natale, Steven; Zipay, Nate; Molash, Brett 
Wed 05/21 9:00 AM 12 Student and Parking Building - 31st & Powelton Gurian Augustyn, Alison; Grzybowski, Casey; Rozek, Roman; Luckabaugh, Joshua; Zisman, Benjamin
Wed 05/21 9:45 AM 1 The Curtis Institute of Music Philadelphia, PA
Wen Loberto, Nick; Nguyen, Chi; Chen, Sam; Hameyie Belandi, Eunice 
Wed 05/21 10:30 AM 13 Liberty Pier and Marina Weggel Hilbert, James; Decker, Greg; Kalinowski, Richard; Stathos, Andrew; Trunzo, Paul
Wed 05/21 11:15 AM 17 Philadelphia’s Logan Triangle: Revitalization Cheng Yerkes, David; Clydesdale, Tyler; Ott, Robert; Lewis, Kevin
  12:00 PM Lunch      
Wed 05/21 1:00 PM 4 Sandy Run Watershed Flood Mitigation Weggel Shinton, Mike; Zollers, John; Naab, Chris; Welsh, Stephen; Hafer, Alison
Wed 05/21 1:45 PM 14 Traffic Improvement Designs For Alternate Routes Of I-76 Mullin Ruck, Cory; Johnson, David; Padilla, Ryan
Wed 05/21 2:30 PM 11 Interstate 84 and Route 8 Redesign  Martin King, Kyle; Riley, Zack; Brazaitis, Peter; Lillis, Michelle
Wed 05/21 3:15 PM 9 41st Street Bridge Renovation Moon Dietz, Katherine; Bui, Hiep; Bowen, Mike; Thiaw, Alioune ; Ho, King
Wed 05/21 4:00 PM 23 Green Building at 33rd and Chestnut DaSaro Ryals, Bradley; Good, Andy; Curran, Bill; Hale, Andrew
Date Time Team # Title Advisor  Members
Thu 05/22 8:15 AM 28 Courtyard Community at Drexel Hamid Bream, Ryan; Everly, Erik; Craig, Gibson; Remillard, Morgan
Thu 05/22 9:00 AM 18 Drexel University Boathouse - renovation of existing or new construction DaSaro D'Achille, Darren; Bobb, Brian; Mascitelli, Terry; Gochenauer, Grant; Haas, Jackie
Thu 05/22 9:45 AM 22 Philadelphia Botanical Gardens Mitchell Yuskevich, Paul; Crawford, Bryan; Davis, Laura; Chetlen, Carrie
Thu 05/22 10:30 AM 26 The Right Way to Turn Left Gallagher Levari, Nicole; Farley, Eammon ; Delisi, David; Dillon, Andrew
Thu 05/22 11:15 AM 6 Hydroelectric Power Station at Fairmount Waterworks Dam Martin Butler, Deborah ; Scafonas, Neil; Gurusamy, Luxmy
  12:00 PM Lunch      
Thu 05/22 1:00 PM 24 Pre-fabricated, LEED certified residential home Reddy Henry, William; Kato, Morgan; Membrino, Carter; Moniodis, Anthony; Dunigan, Jake
Thu 05/22 1:45 PM 8 Supermarket for a Constricted Urban Site Reddy Bisaga, Brooke; Golightly, Lynne; Kleszczelski, Elisabeth; Garrity, Christopher
Thu 05/22 2:30 PM 27 Drexel Campus Pedestrian Circulation Corridor Martin Triebel, Timothy; Brown, Joel; Craft, Alexander; Yaruta, Steven; Ziemblicki, John
Thu 05/22 3:15 PM 7 Green Roof on Drexel Building Olson Delcheva, Rayna; Williams, Erin; Salmon, Danielle; Nyame-Kusi, Agya
Thu 05/22 4:00 PM 16 Ecological Treatment of Stormwater for Use at Urban Sites Olson Lannan, Alex; Cagle, Regina; Alexander, Terry; Nguyen, Natalie

Updated 5/7/2008