AE-790 Resources Used

Intelligent Building

Resources Used

We'll list the resources used in class here. Some are on the General Resources, some are just added here.

Home Network Yet another effort to network home appliances
Permanent Generator Tiny generator to provide power from temperature differences - permanent power for wireless sensors.
Dorm Room IB MIT students dorm room automation.
Power Line Inspector China develops a robot for inspecting 500KV power lines.
Robotic CMU Plant A report about how one aspect of the construction industry is changing.
Intelligent Home? CNet report on a trade show for intelligent houses.
Graphisoft Presentation Here's a zip file with the four files that Mr. Henrich from Graphisoft used 4/26/2006

MS Access

If you wish to prepare for what we'll be doing in class this week you might experiment with a relational database. For most of you that will mean Microsoft Access since it's included with MS Office for the PC. Its help is reasonable. A couple of reasonable, free tutorials (I have not used them in detail so cannot vouch for them by more than appearance) are:

Robots for Med School "Noelle's given birth in Afghanistan, California and dozens of points in between. She's a lifelike, pregnant robot used in increasing numbers of medical schools and hospital maternity wards."
Robotic Vehicle "this new 6.5-ton robot will be able to carry payloads of up to 2 tons on very complex terrains. Crusher will rely on surrounding sensors to keep its balance and learn about its environment. After intensive testings, it should start to perform its duties in 2008."
Smart Skin ""This project investigates a new sensor architecture for making interactive surfaces that are sensitive to human hand and finger gestures. This sensor recognizes multiple hand positions and their shapes as well as calculates the distances between the hands and the surface by using capacitive sensing and a mesh-shaped antenna."
The Singularity Respectable people believe that there is a time in the not-distant future when machines will be "brighter" than people, and that there will be a dramatic change in the world at that point. Here's an announcement of a conference at Stanford on that topic.
Dr. Aktan Talk 4/11/2006 Here is the Powerpoint used by Dr. Aktan in class 4/11/2006. Here's the link to his institute.
Public Health Talk Friday 4/14 9:00 AM- “The Environment’s Shape Shapes Us.  We Can Improve Public Health with Smarter Buildings And Towns” - A talk by Richard J. Jackson, M.D., M.P.H - School of Public Health
British Telecom Timeline
In Every Classroom "The ESP camera can be worn facing outward by the speaker, or as a self-cam by the listener. As conversation ensues, the device "mind-reads" for the wearer. When the listener, whom the camera is focused on, begins to exhibit signs of boredom, the speaker is signaled so that she can readjust her behavior to bring the listener back into the conversation."


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