A4 -How Buildings will Change - Draft
Intelligent Building


Your final project is to develop some aspect of Intelligent Buildings in depth. To do so you are to build both a general CMap showing your final understanding of an Intelligent Building, with at least one aspect of that CMap developed in considerable depth. You're to modify the overall class CMaps to link your material and include your understanding of the overall interrelationships of Intelligent Building concepts.

As part of this you will write a final, 1,000 word paper that explains both your general understanding and the aspect that you've considered in depth. You'll link that paper to the your CMap.

Note that the final assignment (#5) is essentially a reworking of this assignment, with the addition of a brief class presentation of that aspect that you've addressed in depth.

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In this assignment you're asked to try and pull together what we've done this term and explore one aspect in greater depth.

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For this project you are welcome to work in teams. They must be approved in advance and the paper and CMap work adjusted proportionally. You are welcome to consult with your classmates for suggestions - short of direct copying. The grading is on an absolute scale so mutual assistance can only help you.

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The following will be be used to assess your success in meeting the project's requirements. Note that each project will be "weighted" as shown on the grading to determine the overall term grade.

General advice - BE SPECIFIC, you'll only get an average grade if you give generalities without specific numbers, details, examples to back up your generality.

Average Work (approx. 60%)
Excellent Work = Average +
Possible Points

Week-6 Intent

  • Single paragraph included in weekly log defining what you'll do in the final project.
  • Indicate if you'll work alone or with a partner.
  • Extended discussion of your project including reference to your original CMap and the problems you see that might be addressed by an Intelligent Building.


Overall CMap

  • Overall CMap of your understanding of an Intelligent Building exists and is mounted on the CMap course site.
  • Your CMap is linked to the overall class CMap(s) and other student's work that has been mounted.
  • Annotations to concepts on the class site show how your work enhances that of the class (these are noted in your paper).


Depth CMap

  • CMap reflecting your exploration of some area of an Intelligent building
  • Explicit links show the relationship to problems defined in assignment #2
  • OR You add a problem to the Assignment #2 area that is addressed by your CMap



  • 1,000 word paper draft addressing the issues raised by your general and depth CMaps. The draft will not be penalized for minor grammar, spelling and stylistic problems.
  • Paper explicitly addresses the issues in a way related to your "concentration" or area of professional practice, incorporating the initial problem (Assignment #2) identified (or the new one defined).


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Updated: 4/2/06