A1 - Weekly Log - Throughout the Term
Intelligent Building


The intent of this assignment is, as will often be the case this term, twofold. It is intended to:

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1. Setup CMap Tools on Your Computer

Your first task is to become familiar with the CMap software. You'll need to download the software from the CMap website and experiment with locally. Note that you can create you own CMap for the second part of this assignment locally and then copy it to the web server (bel0w).

2. Explore the AE790 site on the the "Shared Cmaps in Places - IHMC Public CMaps(2)"

Server View - HomeAE790

3.) Create Your Own "Initial Understanding" CMap & Link it to the "Student Work" CMap

This is where the real thinking of the first week should occur. You are to use CMap to show what you believe are the important concepts related to an Intelligent Building. You're to use as many of the features of CMap as possible to both familiarize yourself with the sfotware and and to explore how you can represent your ideas.

Note that the grading here will not be for how "right" your understanding of an Intelligent Building is, but rather for how thoroughly you can carry out your work and how well you use the CMap tool.

4) Record Experience

Please use the Weekly Log to record your experience of creating this first assigment, with suggestions for improvements etc.

Working with the CMap Software

Set up the CMap software using your last name as your "User ID" and whatever password you want. If you're not asked for the UserID when you set it up or want to change it use "Preferences - User Info" from the "Edit" Menu of the "Views" window. Please put in an Email address as well.

You'll need the following information to edit the AE790 site. You'll enter it when you're asked for a user ID and password. Note that your CMap software will remember multiple userID's and Passwords even though only one shows in the Edit preferences info.

When you're in the lab you'll need to edit the preferences to set your own UserID and password for that session and you'll need to remember the class UserID and Password.

When asked for a userid and password on the server use the following.
UserID - student
Password - ae3good

Note that you'll be able to delete whatever you create in your own folder on the site, but only edit and add elsewhere on the site.

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Each individual is to work alone on this project. You are welcome to discuss other people's submissions in the Wiki.

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The following will be be used to assess your success in meeting the project's requirements. Note that each project will be "weighted" as shown on the grading to determine the overall term grade.

General advice - BE SPECIFIC, you'll only get an average grade if you give generalities without specific numbers, details, examples to back up your generality.


Average Work Excellent Work Possible Points

CMap Exists

  • A CMap exists in some form
  • It is mounted on the AE790 server
  • It is linked to the "Student Work" CMap

The Cmap uses the following features of the CMap software:

  • Proposition form - two nodes are linked
  • Heading applied - edit "properties" from the CMap
  • Colors and/or shadows and/or line types are used to make the CMap more interesting.
  • A "resource" is applied to the CMap - a link or document. That resources is put in an appropirate place, for instance the "URL's" folder on the server ServerResources
  • You have "annotated" at least one node.
  • You have added information on at least one node/concept that will appear when the mouse is moved over that node (right click on a node).

Content of CMap

Your CMap defines your initial understanding of an Intelligent Building.

  • It contains at least ten concepts
  • Those concepts are linked in at least a simple (one-to-one) manner.
  • You elaborate the CMap with more concepts.
  • The CMap is logically consistent and reasonably comprehensive.
  • You provide more than simple links between concepts
  • You incorporate external references, perhaps taking advantage of the links provide by Prof. Mitchell.

Note that graduate students are expected to operate at that excellent level for all assignments.



    100 Points

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Updated: 4/2/06