AE Design-II

Term Purpose - Complete Building Design Sequence

This term we'll put together the skills you learned in AE-390. The goal is to go through the entire design process from start to finish. That this is similar to what you'll do next year in Senior Design is no accident. By the end of the term you'll have experience in each of the major phases of design and will have a finished product. You should be well prepared for the Senior Design process.


The Assignments

As you can see from looking at the assignments, we'll start at the very beginning, "programming" a building, and move through the roles of each of the major designers involved - Programmer, Architect, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical. The sequence is necessarily somewhat arbitrary and not completely true to life because ideally these designers are working as a team from the very beginning. Nonetheless, for most buildings the major design decisions are made in sequence we'll address them.

Each assignment will produce a "deliverable" that will be the basis for the work of the next team. The succeeding team will have the option to make changes from what they've inherited, but must make explicit what they've changed, and why. One member of each team will also be on the team that 'inherits' the work. That way they'll be able to interpret the intent of the prior team.

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The Teams

Because you're working on a project that is cumulative the team assignments will be somewhat complex this term. As noted above, the essence of the method is that there will be one member from each assignment that works with the material that he/she generated on the previous assignment. The other team members will be new.

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The Buildings

The buildings are chosen to have enough complexity that there are meaningful system choices in all the areas, but not so complex that they'd be impossible in the time available. The details for all the buildings are given on this Building Information Spreadsheet. If the assignment does not provide enough information for you, make assumptions and define them in your description of the building.

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The Products

As usual in this course the results of your work are to be created in a web page which may require you to include a link to a spreadsheet or other file.

You will also be asked to present your work to the class at the end of the assignment. These presentations will be particularly important this term since the new teams will be picking up the work of the prior teams. The presentation will be a good way to understand what your predecessors intended and produced.

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Updated: 12/27/2007