Architectural Design
AE Design-II


For this assignment you're to act as Architects, taking the information generated in the first assignment and developing a building. In the process you must take account of the engineering requirements as well, but you're not designing the engineering systems. The goal here is to create a building on its site that meets the criteria specified by the architectural program. If you've had to make changes from that program you'll need to explain them. Note that in the next assignment you'll be taking the building design created by another team and creating a structure for it.

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As noted above you are to create an architectural design using the program for your building type that was developed by a group in the first assignment (one member of your group will have been on the team that developed the program). Here are the kinds of things that you should accomplish.

Site Plan

The site plan should show how your building is placed on the site:

  • Where is your building on the site?
  • What is it's major orientation to the sun?
  • How does the parking work?
  • Where do the utilities enter the building
  • How do people move to the building

You do not need to develop detailed grading plans

Floor Plans

Only to the "departmental" level in most cases, perhaps laying out a sample critical area in more detail. The plans should show the standard information - graphic scale, north arrow, label, key overall dimensions etc. Do not get bogged down in detail of door swings, furniture placement etc.

  • Of particular interest for your engineers will be your planned chase & shaft locations.
  • Safe exiting (almost always at least two separate stairwells) is also critical.

Showing basic vertical arrangement of the building.

Again, remember that your engineers will be interested in the vertical clearances you've left them for their structural and HVAC systems. They'll also be interested in seeing what ideas you have about the "character" of major spaces that can be enhanced by the structural (or even HVAC) systems. If you think that you're going to put the HVAC units on the roof they'll want to know where. Similarly, if you have a traction elevator they'll want to know how you think it projects above the roof.


Showing the exterior facades of the building.

As the architect you care about the appearance, but remember that the engineers care about how much glass is exposed and whether it is clear or tinted, shaded etc. The Structural engineer is also concerned about how they're going to support any strange openings, cantilevers etc.

Comparison to Program It's your responsibility to prove to the client that you've met the program goals. One good way to do so is discuss the building design and then to provide a table showing the program requirement/goal, what you actually achieved, and a comment on why the actual is different from the program. Note that you will not be penalized for deviating from the program - only for failing to explain why.
Recommendations to Engineers

You're asked to make specific recommendations to the engineers who will succeed you for each engineering system. Think of what they need to know to proceed effectively.

  • Priorities
  • Intended appearance
  • Differences from the original program
  • etc.


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This project is to be completed in groups that will be assigned by the instructor. You are welcome to consult with your classmates for suggestions - short of direct copying. The grading is on an absolute scale so mutual assistance can only help each group.

The Teams for this Assignment are defined on this page or may be assigned in class.

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You are to deliver a web site which addresses the assignment, ready to be viewed by the class and instructor. Each site should meet the following requirements.

Web Page Requirements

Your assignment site should have at least the following information on it:

Remember to turn in the Assignment to the Submit Assignment database.

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The following will be be used to assess your success in meeting the project's requirements. Note that each project will be "weighted" as shown on the grading to determine the overall term grade.

General advice - BE SPECIFIC, you'll only get an average grade if you give generalities without specific numbers, details, examples to back up your generality.

Average Work (Approx. 60%)
Excellent Work = Average +
Possible Points
Complete Plans & Sections All basic plans (building and site), sections and elevations are present and labeled in the standard manner.
  • Items of critical concern to engineers are carefully identified with appropriate parameters (size, weight, clearance etc.) given.
  • Blow-up of critical areas, notes and other elements that will enhance the viewer's understanding of the building.
Comparison to Program

Presents a basic comparison of the design defined in the drawings to the original program showing a comparison at least for

  • Overall building size
  • Major departmental areas
  • Provision for Engineering requirements
More detailed comparison of the program to the developed design with emphasis on the reasons for deviations from the program.
Recommendations to Engineers Addresses each major building system with at least general recommendations. Provides detailed recommendations including quantitative (numbers) recommendations.
Extra Credit Suggestions for improving the assignment (1 pt) 3D-View of building or other visualization aid

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