AE 210

Term Purpose - Introduction to Architectural Engineering

Even though you may have had your first Co-Op experience, you probably don't have a complete understanding of what Architectural Engineers do and why they do it. The lectures, labs and projects in this course are planned to give you that understanding. While we cannot address all the many things our graduates have done with their education we'll hit most of them. By the end of the term you should have a good idea of whether AE is the best major for you.

The Assignments

As you can see from looking at the assignments you'll be doing a variety of things throughout the term. Their overall purpose is to introduce you to the things that AE's do, to give you useful skills and to have you reflect on what you do throughout the course.

Each assignment will produce a "deliverable" that will be the basis for your grade. In most cases it will require teamwork and planning to accomplish although the number of hours of work should not be too great.

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The Teams

Because teamwork is so essential in Architectural Engineering you'll be required to work in teams on several of the projects. Learning teamwork skills is essential to successfully completing the project and doing well. You'll be submitting an evaluation of how you and your teammates functioned - that evaluation will contribute to your grade.

I've found through experience that my assigning teams works the best. You'll almost certainly have some scheduling issues. You're strongly advised to start planning early.

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The Web Page Format

In this course many of the results of your work are to be presented on a web page. This may seem unusual in a course on Architectural Engineering. The reasons I ask it are multiple. Creating a web:

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Updated: 3/29/06