Personal Portfolio of Architectural Engineering
AE 210


The intent of this assignment is to have you gather your work for the term and comment on it. Since most of your work has been created on web pages it will be a web page that gathers that work, comments on it and extends your understanding of what you can expect of both your Education and your professional life in Architectural Engineering.

The Assignment

You will create a web page with links to all your previous work for the term. On it you will comment both on the specific projects and also on your understanding of the Architectural Engineering Profession at Drexel and in the workplace.

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You are to prepare a web page/site which incorporates the following:



Assignment Name & Link to your work

Each link is to be clear what to which assignment it responds as well as allowing the visitor to view your work. You are welcome to improve your previous work so long as you note what changes have been made.

Comment On Each Assignment

You are to comment on what you learned from the assignment, how it fits into your overall understanding of Architectural Engineering and how it might be improved in future

Overall Understanding of Architectural Engineering

Prepare approximately a page or more describing what you understood at the beginning of the term about Architectural and what you know understand, with comments on how the course has helped you develop your understanding.

Note that is OK to comment negatively about the field or the course. We understand that each term there will be some students who discover AE isn't what they expected or what they want. What we care about is that you are explicit and detailed in your comments.

You are urged to draw on your weekly Logs for this description.

Architectural Engineering Interests

Provide at least three examples of concepts, web sites or experiences that particularly interested you during the duration of Introduction to Architectural Engineering.


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This project is to be completed individually. You are welcome to consult with your classmates for suggestions - short of direct copying. The grading is on an absolute scale so mutual assistance can only help you.

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You are to deliver a web site which addresses the assignment, ready to be viewed by the class and instructor. Each site should meet the following requirements.

Web Page IdentificationRequirements

Your assignment site should have at least the following information on it:

Remember to turn in the Assignment to the Submit Assignment database.

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The following will be be used to assess your success in meeting the project's requirements. Note that each project will be "weighted" as shown on the grading to determine the overall term grade.

General advice - BE SPECIFIC, you'll only get an average grade if you give generalities without specific numbers, details, examples to back up your generality.


Excellent Work = Average + Average Work Possible Points

Web site Exists

Average +

Well organized and presented page taking advantage of the web to make your presentation..

The web site exists addressing all the issues raised above with minimal spelling and grammar errors.


Comments are Meaningful

Average +

The comments make multiple, specific references and address all the methods of describing Architectural Engineering projects.

The comments presented in response to the questions defined in the assignment are explicit using at least two direct references to the material being discussed.


Overall Understanding of AE

Average +

The comments include specific numbers, drawings, photos or other descriptive terms, thereby demonstrating a broad understanding of what Architectural Engineers do and why.

The entire page, and especially the last sections display a use of Architectural Engineering terminology.


Extra Credit

Average +

Your own careful explanation of the role of the Architectural Engineer in the building design, construction and operation process.

Helpful suggestions for improving the overall course in future.



    100 normal

105 with extra credit

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Updated: 3/31/06