Basic Building Drawings
AE 210


We want you to be familiar with the fundamental drawing types that Architects and Engineers use to design and document a building (note that the two types of documents are often quite different - a comment on how they differ would be welcome in your weekly log). You will create a building model using a new 3-dimensional drawing program (Sketchup-4) and the use that model to create examples of each of the drawing types used by engineers (and architects).

The course textbook "A Visual Dictionary of Architecture" is the fundamental reference for this assignment. We will use the terms defined there. More specifically you will find what you need to know about the drawings on pp.66-73. It's fine to use other books as assistance, but this is the one we'll refer to in class.

Drawing Tool

As noted above you are asked to use a specific tool, Sketchup. Those of you with prior Autocad experience are urged to reserve judgment about Sketchup till you've used it. It's aimed at a very different stage of the design process than Autocad. It was developed to make experimentation and visualization of design ideas extremely quick.

Like any new tool it will take some time to learn, but not too much. You're urged to take advantage of the help files that come with it, and particularly the video tutorials that do a very good job of demonstrating basic concepts and how to use it. I've also prepared some suggestions for Drexel users on the AE Resources web site. I'll also be demonstrating it in class and in the second laboratory.

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As noted above you are to create an architectural design that includes at least the following ingredients (more complicated will be appreciated but will not gain additional points excepted as noted in the grading criteria under extra credit. The building model shall have at least:

Once you have created the building model (this will take most of your time I expect as you learn to work with Sketchup) you are then to extract from it the following specific drawings. You'll mount them on a web page, identifying them as indicated in the requirements.


Note: You can create all these drawings as "single-line" - Wall thicknesses are NOT required.

Note that to achieve these drawings efficiently you'll want to learn to use the following capabilities of Sketchup in addition to the basic drawing tools:

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