What is "Intro to AE" About
AE 210


The intent of this assignment is to start you thinking in the manner we ask in this course, and to use one of the tools that will be important throughout the term - the web. In essence, you're to read the syllabus and related material, reflect on it, and answer some questions based on that material as well as what we did in class. To do so you'll have to use a new tool, a web page editor, and post the results on a web page. We will demonstrate the basics of how to use them in class.

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As begun in class, you are to review the entire Intro to Architectural Engineering web site reading carefully with the assignment in mind. You are then to create your own web-page which answers the questions embodied in the grading criteria below. You will mount that web page on a web server of your choice (I recommend Dunx1 since all students have accounts on it) for viewing over the web.

Examples of Previous work.

You may wish to take a look at the work of students who have taken this class before. You can see all of last term's project in the submissions database.

Be aware that anyone who copies directly will be considered to have plagiarized and treated accordingly. You are to use the previous work for examples only. Also be aware that some of the students may have deleted their work from their folders so not all the links will work.

Individual steps

  • Read this assignment first, particularly the criteria below since they will determine the grade for the assignment. Note that this assignment will be the prototype for all the others in the course.
  • Read the rest of the class materials on the "Intro to AE Design" web site. This is the material which explains what you'll be doing for the rest of this term. The criteria for this assignment assume that you have read that material.
  • Create a web page answering the questions either explicitly or implicitly contained in the following criteria.
    • FrontPage- is suggested as the simplest complete tool for creating this page, but any web-generating program is acceptable. I have prepared information about how to do so here. Note that you should be able to download this from IRT's software website.
    • Many of you may choose to use PBWiki for your web pages. We're requiring that you use it for your logs. It will be easy for you to create your own accounts and create a website that does the job. Here's what Lisa Chen, the TA, did when experimenting - http://lisaengineer.pbwiki.com/
    • Note that it is sufficient to create a single web page although more experienced or ambitious students may complete linked pages if they desire. If you choose to create linked pages (or include graphics) be sure to use "local references" so that the pages may be moved to another location.
  • Mount the work by the deadline onto the web server of your choice.
    • Be sure to check the page using a browser to ensure that everything works as you expect it. The biggest difficulty is usually that graphics aren't incorporated into the proper directory/folder when uploading.
  • Enter the URL with the necessary other information into the online Submissions database - available from the course home page. If that isn't working yet please submit it to me by EMail.

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This project is to be completed individually.

You are, however to look ahead to the future assignments in which teamwork is required and discuss how you will do that effecitvely.

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You are to deliver a web site which addresses the assignment, ready to be viewed by the class and instructor. Each site should meet the following requirements.

Web Page Identification Requirements

Your assignment site should have at least the following information on it:

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The following will be be used to assess your success in meeting the project's requirements. Note that each project will be "weighted" as shown on the grading to determine the overall term grade.

General advice - BE SPECIFIC, you'll only get an average grade if you give generalities without specific numbers, details, examples to back up your generality.


Excellent Work Average Work Possible Points

Course Understanding

Average work+

Explain or speculate why the assignments are in the sequence given.

Summarize what you are asked to do in Intro to AE Address each assignment specifically


Your Future Skills

Average work+

Speculate what will be the difficult and easy aspects of the course for you.

Define what you should be able to do at the end of this course that you aren't now able to do.

Include your own definition of what Architectural Engineering consists of.


Web Page Layout & Submission

Average work+

Good use of Web features to make the work readily understandable: Headings, dividers, color, indentation, etc.

All questions answered.

Clear grammar and spelling checked.

Page mounted & viewable on the web.

URL in Submissions DB or submitted by EMail.


Teamwork - Each person must complete this part individually.

Average work+

Define those steps that you'll take with each new team to ensure that the team will be effective referring to your experience on prior team projects and/or the recommendations of the web site.

Read the teamwork web site.

Discuss whether you agree with the recommendations of the web site being specific about which make sense and which you do not agree with or understand.


Extra Credit - not necessary, but will be cumulative for the term grade offsetting deficiencies in other projects.

Average work+

Suggest how this assignment could be improved for the next class.

Make a link to at least one web site that you think is related to issues raised in this assignment.



    100 normal

105 with extra credit


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