Finding My Office

Google Map Locating 3141 Chestnut Street - the main building.

My office is in the very Northeast corner of the 2nd floor of the last building in the "Main Building Complex" - Alumni Engineering Labs. It's a bit of a maze to find it. Hopefully the map below will show you how.

From the ground floor "Great Court" in the Main Building

  • Go up the right set of stairs to the 2nd floor
  • Go back to the South (Admissions) side of the great court
  • Turn East (left) and walk as far as you can - you'll have to jog around one stairway
  • Turn North (left) at the end of the coridor outside the CAEE offices
  • Turn East (right) into the corridor that says something like Suite 280 in a small sign overhead
  • Turn North (left) into the corridor of suite 280
  • Turn East (right) at the end of that short corridor - about 20'
  • Go to the end of that corridor - my office is on the left.

Last Updated: 10/22/2002