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Concept mapping is a process that is used to help clarify the relationships between concepts, people or things. It is quite useful in getting a general understanding of a a new topic, which in turn can be useful when attempting to solve problems in that area.

Use in AE-210 (Intro to AE)

As of Spring 2005 we are introducing the use of Concept Mapping in AE-210. We are devoting a laboratory to it and then requiring a Concept Map as part of the final project. The links below should help you take advantage of concept mapping by use the free cMap tool from




Cmap Info

The overall website for the IHMC cMap tools. Go here if you wish to learn more about concept mapping.

Cmap Download

The page where you can download the latest (free) version of Cmap There are versions for Linux, Mac, & Windows

AE Template

The starting point CMap for use in AE-210

This file must be put in your "My CMaps" folder that is created when you install the CMap software.

You cannot "double click" it to start it. You must open CMap and work from within the program.

Please rename this starting with your name so when you link to it we'll know whose it is.

AE Cmap Styles

A Zip fle with the styles that were used to create the AE template.

Put these styles in the "My Cmaps" folder.

They shouldn't be necessary to use the AE Template, but might be necessary

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Updated: 3/29/05