General Program Tools

These files should be helpful with several other programs used in AE courses.




PowerPoint E-10 Files for v1.6 A 3MB zip file that contains 6 powerpoint files explaining many of the aspects of Energy-10. They're from the makers and highly worthwhile.
Energy-10v1,5 Notes J. Mitchell notes taken primarily from the help files for the energy simulation program Energy-10 as well as Powerpoint overview from NREL, the program author. Much of what's here is applicable to v1.6 as well. V1.6 is less buggy and permits separate saving of each building.
Canvas Tools The files for colors, arrows etc. for Canvas 7 that should be in the system folder, but aren't available on IRT machines. Unzip to your X: drive and access the relevant files.

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Updated: 3/31/03