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These are tools that allow you to perform useful tasks either as a student generally (mostly time management) or as a beginning Architectural Engineer.

When downloading these files "save" them before opening them - don't display them in your browser. If you let your browser display them it will be much harder to save them and some won't work properly (Microsoft strikes again).




AE Calcs Spreadsheet Excel spreadsheet performing basic calculations for most Architectural Engineering systems.

Note that it contains several Macros which are necessary for it's normal operation.

Note: 2MB file size - J. Mitchell Author

AE Excel Functions Useful Excel Functions explained with examples. Particularly useful for work done in AE-Design-I, but also for anyone working with lists or user interfaces.
Building Program Create a Building Program using MS Excel. See the Access tools section above for an Access database that serves the same function in much more detail.
Financial Functions A collection of tools that should be useful when doing Engineering Economics

Many of these tools were prepared referencing "Engineering Economy" 13th Ed, by Sullivan, Wicks, Luxhoj - Pearson-Prentice Hall.

The document is incomplete and has some redundancy - you might call it an "alpha" version. Nonetheless it may be helpful.

Time Management

A spreadsheet to plan and track your time on a weekly basis. You fill out the spreadsheet as a weekly plan at the beginning of the term, and then print one copy for each week. Fill in a copy by hand each day during the week and total at the end of the week to see how you're doing.

Here's a Powerpoint slide set that explains the reasons for time management and how this spreadsheet is organized and used.

  • Read the instructions on the "Weekly TimeInstructions tab
  • Look at the example on the Weekly TimeRecordExample tab
  • Use the WeeklyTimeRecord tab to prepare a master for each term
Wall Gradient Calculator Calculates Wall Thermal and Moisture Gradients and Joint Movements Prepared for AE-544 following Beall - Thermal and Moisture Protection Manual
Building Efficiency Calculates the Efficiency ratio of a building's Envelope to Floor Area Prepared for AE-544 following Dr. Hamid's Definitioin
Units Conversion Converts from one system of units to another. Prepared for Honors-200 AY03-04. The emphasis is on Energy conversion and developing intuitively understandable energy conversions.
HVAC Rule of Thumb Gives HVAC basic sizing and electrical usage based on rules of thumb. More accurate estimates can come from a program like Energy-10, but this will give a good starting point estimate.
VBA Code for Likert Analysis A visual basic file that can be imported to an Excel VBA "module" to perform analysis of Likert Data. The code is documented and modifiable fairly readily.

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Updated: 1/4/15