Energy-10 Help - Version 1.3 & 1.5

Architectural Engineering Design

Two Version of Energy-10

There are currently two version of Energy-10 in use at Drexel - version 1.3 and version 1.5.

Where possible I recommend that you use version 1.5 because it has more features and several annoying bugs removed.


Learning About Energy-10

  • For an overview review the Powerpoint slide show from NREL
  • For detailed understanding the "help" files that come with Energy-10 are excellent..
  • For a single-source overview see my notes for v1.3 - most of which is applicable to v1.5. The major differences are:
    • Buildings are now saved as "schemes" - an individual building per scheme rather than as "variants" with two buildings. This makes much more sense.
    • The old, frustrating bugs when starting the program are no longer true.


Last Updated: 10/6/2002