Lecture Notes of Interest to AE's

Most of these resources are PowerPoint lectures used in class. Unless otherwise noted they all come for AE-210 - "Intro to AE"





Acoustics Topics For AE-210


Building Envelope Systems Lecture Notes Prepared mostly by Dr. Ahmad Hamid

AE History

Architectural Engineering History  

Building Types

A quick overview of Building Types  

Electrical Power

Basics of Building-related Power  


Basics of Lighting  

Other AE Systems

An overview of AE systems for buildings beyond Structure and HVAC  

Structures Web Sites

  • Web Sites from AE390 describing different Structural Systems
  • Interesting Airport structures from Architectural Record

Skyscraper Load Calculations

Excel spreadsheet giving very simple overall load calculations for skyscraper - based on World Trade Center.  

Transportation XLS

A spreadsheet illustrating the variety of transportation modes, with emphasis on elevators. When downloading Excel files "save" them before opening them - don't display them in your browser. If you let your browser display it it will be much harder to save it and may not work properly (Microsoft strikes again).


Lecture on Scheduling tools Aimed at Senior Design (long projects), but appropriate for other big projects.

University-241 (Skyscraper) files



Architect/Engineer - An Autobiographical Tour

View of building development over the last 60 years using J. Mitchell career. 1/7/2005 Lecture in Univ-241 (Skyscraper) course.

Skyscraper Basics

Statistics related to "high rise" buildings as well as design issues in Petronas Towers.

1/7/2005 Lecture in Univ-241 (Skyscraper) course. Material taken from Emporis.com and from Cesar Pelli book "Petronas Towers".

Seeing Philadelphia

A tour of Philadelphia considering tall buildings's many impacts. 1/7/2005 Lecture in Univ-241 (Skyscraper) course.

Chronology of Tall Buildings

An excel spreadsheet with tabs giving key info for many buildings discussed in the Univ-241 text (Douglas). 1/7/2005 Lecture in Univ-241 (Skyscraper) course. Note that there are two tabs. One has the chronology, the other has an analysis of The Empire State Building, The Comcast Tower and the Great Pyramid.

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