System to Remotely Transport and Deploy an Unmanned Helicopter

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Update: November 30, 2007

Gimbal Pictures

Gimabl 1

Gimbal 2

Gimbal 3

Gimbal 4

Suspension Pictures

Suspension 1

Suspension 2

Compact RIO Picture

Compact Rio 1

Compact Rio 2

Compact Rio 3

Suspension Data

Suspension Data 1

Suspension labview gui

Gimbal Data

Gimbal Data 1

Gimbal labview gui

Update: November 29, 2007

Power Point

Sample Powerpoint Outline


Jason: Title/Problems/thresholds/initial concept

Caitlyn: Suspension/timeline/budge

Mike: Controls/ Trailer/Enclosure

Update: November 26, 2007

Notional Video

Notional Video in DivX Format Note: Download the DivX CodeC here

Update: November 25, 2007


Gimbal Data Acquisition in DiVX

Random data taken from a 20k Ohm Potentiometer and a 7.6V DC Battery

Data taken from Jason's Gimble setup on a single axis *note: This data can be manipulated to display angles instead of the bit value it shows now with simple coding

Block Diagram of Coding of the Host PC

Block Diagram of Coding of the FPGA(Compact RIO)

Update: November 19, 2007


CAD'd trailer with folding cover

CAD'd trailer without cover


Trailer QFD

Update: November 12, 2007

Flash Animations

President Scene

Beginning Scene(Unfinished)

Please Note: These videos are uncompressed and about 12Mb each; Download may take a while

Updated Powerpoint Slides:

Vibration Analysis; 11/12/07

Updated Gimbal Animation: Gimbal; 11/12/07

Update: November 5, 2007


Gimbal Animation

Thresholds and Objectives Ppt


PQF Chart

Document containing information pertaining to the PQF research


Vibration Analysis Ppt