System to Remotely Transport and Deploy an Unmanned Helicopter

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Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2007


-Possibilities to limit during transit

-Fully intelligent brakes

-Pulsing brakes over x angle

-pulsing and bump stops

-soft and hard braking(one than the other)

Cover as part of the gimbal:

-Attached via rubber ball arrangement

-Adjustable pivot points

-Door weight throws it off?

-Mount offset from gimbal

-Panhandle shape for cover(saves material)

-Coveres peaked & offset (seal)

-Foam to pad inside against shifting; esp at tail

Locking Mechanism:

-Direct drive motor to shaft(with rod connecting to other shaft) or motor in middle of rod with t to controll both

-Include potentiometer for feedback

Storyboard for notational video

Start with emergency: 00:00 - 00:05

Phoning the president: 00:05-00:10

360 around trailer in cad; show the trailer opening: 00:10-00:30

Flash animation of trailer/atv of rough terrain; 00:30-00:40

while driving over terrain, zoom into trailer, show the cadded helicopter being protected by the dampening system: 00:40-00:50

gets to stop point 00:50-00:52

cad showing helicopter taking off, switch views to onboard camera showing the helicopter lifting off from trailer: 00:52-01:05

show the helictoper circle around the destroyed building: 01:05-01:20

zoom into windo, show the dasl logo 01:20-01:25

To show for meeting with Dr Oh on Nov 12:

- Partially Completed Flash

- Discuss Designs for locking mech

- CAD'd runners as well as locking mechanism

- Discuss results of dampening system

- Explain reasoning for Compact RIO

Questions to be discussed over the meeting:

- Thoughts on the panhandle setup for the cover

- bring up the non-cover issue

- discuss need for lab computer that can run solidworks(need CAD computer for DASL in general) IE lots of memory, fast proc, cad graphics card

November 4, 2007

-- Managed to get DIAS II to running by adding a gallon of fresh 89 octane gasoline. Noticed that the oil light would come on at full rev(Called Motion Enterprises the next morning. They suggested bring it in for a tuneup and to be looked at since it sat for so long and the oil was not drained)

-- Towed the unaltered ATV along with Mike, Caitlyn and her husband (Aprox 800lbs total) with DIAS II along grassy terrain

-- DIAS II was unable to tow unaltered ATV and Mike over the hills outside Disque Hall(by 33rd St and Chestnut)