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April 17
April 7
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February 25
February 15
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January 25
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January 18


May 7: Completed trailer tested at Piasecki Aircraft Corporation

Video of enclosure actuation

Video of latch actuation

Video of Jason riding the ATV towing the trailer over rough terrain

Video of SR-100 taking off of the trailer

Video of the entire system being actuated remotely

April 17:

April 7: Trailer tested and towed by the ATV

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5


February 29: Enclosure frame completed

February 25: Wiring for the Brakes, latch and electrical systems complete and tested.

Brake Test Video

Latch Test Video

Suspension Test Video

February 15: Base for the enclosure mounted to the trailer / Suspesion bowls mounted to the gimbal as well as the trailer / Gimbal placed on top of the suspension on the trailer / Helicopter placed on top of the gimbal and the PSI in the balls were adjusted to allow for suspension travel

Video of enclosure base on trailer

February 12: Landing runners attached to inner layer of the gimbal. Counterweight balanced to maintain level positioning.

Gimbal Test Response Video 1

Gimbal Test Response Video 2

February 1: Final layer of the gimabl completed and installed; Both rotor mounts milled and mounted; counter weight mounted; Temperary brake cable/motor mount created for brake testing

January 26: New bracket for brake rotor being milled from aluminum stock

January 25: Second layer of the gimbal system completed; Brakes mounted/assembled/tested:

January 24: First layer of the gimbal system completed:

January 23: 80-20 and various other parts acquired:

January 18: Trailer acquired from Trailer Outlet by Mike: