MEM Senior Design Team 10

Title: Sytem to Remotely Transport and Deploy an Unmanned Helicopter

Group Members:

Jason Colins - MEM
Michael Perreca - ECE
Caitlyn Worthington-Kirsch - MEM

Advisor: Paul Oh


Despite the recent increase in the use and design of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), method
of remotely transporting and protecting these valuable pieces of equipment has gone largely
untouched. Our project proposes the design of an enclosed trailer system that can be used to
transport and aide in the launching of UAVs. Combining suspension, leveling and control
systems, our proposed design can be incorporated into previously designed autonomous vehicles
and allow for safe transport of a UAV to a specified site while protecting it from outside dangers,
as well as maintaining a level base for safe takeoffs and landings. This system is designed to be
user friendly and will be easy to control locally or remotely. Factors such as weather, terrain, size
and weight will all be taken into account in the design.