Sea Glass and Pottery

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Sea Pottery

Sea Pottery

People have lived along the banks of Seneca for hundreds of years, so it's no surprise that traces of the past occasionally wash ashore.

I've always loved treasure-hunting, and one of my favorite places to dig is along the shores of Seneca Lake, where sea glass and sea pottery-- some old, some new-- are spotted in abundance.

On our last trip to Seneca, my boyfriend Cheyenne and I returned with buckets full of sea glass and pottery. I put some to good use making this frame for an old poem that I found tucked inside an old book from 1919 as I was sorting through donations at the library where I work one day. The transcribed poem is titled The Mermaiden, by the Victorian poet Owen Meredith. I thought the sea glass fitting.

The Mermaiden

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