Brake Augmentation

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About Myself: My name is Min Chol Kim. I am currently attending Drexel University as a freshman. I am pursuing a degree in engineering, but i do not know what field i want to be in yet. When I have free time, I usually play a lot of sports such as basketball, soccer, and football. Occasionally I play some video games, but I do not play too often due to the fact that I get very addicted to video games.
Problem Statement

The number one type of car collision in the United States is a rear end collision. Rear end collisions account for twenty three percent of the nation’s accidents according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. That is approximately 2.5 million accidents due to rear end collisions in the United States according to the National Safety Council. There are too many rear end accidents occur that could have been prevented. The problem with rear end collisions is that sometimes when you are driving close to a car it is hard to estimate how hard they are braking. Sometimes drivers are not paying attention or are focused on something else which often leads to rear end collisions. They see the car in front braking but do not realize how fast they are decelerating until it is too late. When a car is decelerating, there is about a one second delay due to the fact that the driver behind does not know that the driving is decelerating quickly and the reaction time is late because he/she is not paying attention. Many injuries are caused by rear end collisions. The most severe injury is whiplash which causes the driver’s head to severely jerk forward and back. Many of these accidents occur because the driver is not paying attention to the driver in front when he/she slams his/her brake. In today’s society the driver is always distracted by many things such as cellular phones, conversations, and music. If a new invention were to be made that would show the driver in the back how hard the driver in the front is stopping, there would be a major decrease in rear end collisions because drivers are more aware and have information about how hard a driver in front is braking.

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