Vatican Ceiling Made Orange


My name is Marie Jaquish, and I am currently pursuing a Master's in Library Science from the iSchool at Drexel University. I have a Bachelor's degree in Latin and Ancient Greek from Ohio Wesleyan University, but my interest in technology, passion for service to others, and love of research led me to library science.
This portfolio is my very first website, hand-coded in XHTML and CSS for the class INFO 552. I hope that by looking around, you'll not only get an idea of my accomplishments and abilities, but also a sense of who I am and what I value, with some fun facts thrown in along the way.


As a future librarian, my professional philosophy is one of:
  • information for all
  • technology for all
  • service to all
I value the balance between:
  • the desire to learn
  • the desire to teach

  • the solidity of old, dusty books
  • the immediacy of new, digital formats

  • the structure of classifications and hierarchies
  • the fluidity of collaborative social spaces

  • respect for our foundations in the past
  • excitement about what the future holds
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