COM 880 Presentations

The formal presentations in this course will involve two roles: (1) presenter and (2) advocate. Each of you will be required to serve as a presenter once and an advocate twice. The schedule of presenters will be formulated on the first night of class; advocates will be assigned randomly at the beginning of each class.


As a presenter your task is to offer your understanding of the assigned reading and to relate it to the current interests of the class. Your mode of delivery should be extemporaneous. Allow about 20 minutes for your presentation and 20 minutes for response. Use the following suggestions to structure your talk:

To get a sense of the daily news coverage around the world, take a look at the Newseum, an interactive museum of news.


As an advocate your task is to assume your assigned role in a stakeholder debate in the current week's case study and prepare an argument to justify some moral choice. Your argument should:

The roles of different stakeholders will imply different positions: media professionals, corporate representatives, common citizens, elected officials, and others. All have their own vested interests which inform their ethical reasoning. Each stakeholder's argument will likely select claims, evidence and reasoning most favorable to their position. I will assign each of you a stakeholder role for every case study; your task as an advocate is to develop an argument from the standpoint of that role. Please consider using the Toulmin model of argumentation as aid in crafting your position.