COM 690 Presentations


The formal presentations in this course will involve two roles: (1) presenter and (2) questioner. The schedule of presenters will be formulated on the first night of class; questioners will be assigned randomly at the beginning of each class.


As a presenter your task is to offer your understanding of the assigned reading and to relate it to the current topic of the class (See Assignment Schedule). Your mode of delivery should be extemporaneous. Allow about 20 minutes for your presentation and 20 minutes for response. Use the following suggestions to structure your talk:



As a questioner your task is to formulate and pose a question for the guest speakers scheduled for the evening. Peer review is a process of challenge and response. This presentation will give you a chance to experience and practice that process. Your question should be prefaced with some introduction of a relevant issue and then should challenge the speakers to defend their position on the issue. Use the following suggestions to prepare yourself: