COM 540 Presentations


The formal presentations in this course comprise 30% of your grade and will require you to fill two roles:

(1) presenter in which you will present a summary and critique of a research article on graphic design and

(2) critic in which you will present a report of your professional analysis and evaluation of an example of graphic design. Each of you will be required to serve as a presenter once and a critic twice.

The schedule of presenters will be created as you declare your preference on the signup sheet in Bb Vista; critics will be assigned randomly at the beginning of each class.

Presentation 1: Professional Analysis and Evaluation (10%)

The point of this presentation is to practice speaking as a professional designer. Each week we will have a roundtable discussion of a document featured at the end of the assigned chapter. This discussion is meant to simulate a workplace collaboration to reach a consensus over revising a document. In this presentation you will defend your assessment of a document. Remember that to appear professional one must speak the language of the profession. Among designers such professional appearance entails using the jargon of the field, demonstrating an awareness of the issues relevant to the profession, and offering reasoned arguments for positions on those issues. Your goals are to:

Here is a suggested strategy for preparing and carrying out your presentation:

Here are some guidelines for delivery:

Refer to the assignment schedule on the syllabus for the documents to be analyzed.

Presentation 2: Summary of a Research Article (20%)

The point of this presentation is to explore some of the current primary research in graphic design. When you present your summary, your task is to offer your understanding of the assigned reading and to relate it to the current interests of the class. Your mode of delivery should be extemporaneous. Your presentation should last between 10 and 12 minutes. Use the following suggestions to structure your talk:

Refer to the signup sheet in Bb Vista for the list of articles to choose from.