As the day draws to a close, Juliet's Nitemare, for the purposes of the class, has been completed. While there still are a few hurdles yet to overcome concerning compression and delivery, due to time constraints the post production and special effects are complete. I've watched it so many times, and know that it may not have lived up to all my expectations, and may not be perfect, but all in all I am proud. Proud that given a 10 week period, we produced something that really is something to look at. In just 10 weeks we conceptualized, wrote, shot, edited, and created a work that looks beautiful. It falls short in many ways and of course me being the perfectionist I am, cannot help but see so much more that I could have done. But in the end... it doesn't even matter:) Like I said, I am proud. I am proud of myself for holding together and not breaking down, at least not entirely yet:) I am proud to say I directed/produced this piece. I am proud of my team. Without veronique and patricia, this would never have gotten done. I have had many talks with other directors in the class, and more and more I realize how lucky I am to have two hard working dedicated members that always came through and shared in the dream of the project. I know I was not the best director, and I am forever grateful that they put up with me and kept going. I'm not sure what else to say... this has definitely been the most in depth, emersive 3 credit class I have ever taken:) The range of emotions I have gone through these past few days of crunch time cannot easily be explained. I know that all the directors in the class know what I am talking about. This has been an experience...one that will be with me for a while....at least until we go and do it again for senior project next term:) see you there!

The crew of Juliet's nitemare would like to thank the following people: Ted Artz Glen Muschio Jennifer Wentz Jessica Kegleman Adina Remedios Mike Zornek The rest of the advanced animation/special effects class Heather Galbraith Tommy Dean Chris Gandy


Here's a summary of what has been done lately and where I feel we stand, As of Sunday December 2, the project is beginning to come together. Most of the assets are completed, and adequate (not yet perfect, but close). I began to piece together the new footage, and cut the old to tighten and polish the piece. I created an opening credits sequence using After Effects and it looks good. I have received compliments and comments saying they are very "cinematic looking" and I feel as though that is a good thing. Today also I played around with different audio and decided to (after completing the final version) create an alternate version with a more upbeat, less pornish, song. It changes the mood drastically, but that's ok. The alternate version(s) will be featured on the DVD. Which brings me to the next point, distribution. We decided to create 3 medium to show off the project, web, CD-ROM, and dvd. Most of this will take place after the class is over, but we hope to have a full screen dvd with a few alternate versions and earlier effect-less cuts for comparison as well as some still photos and cast/crew biographies storyboards etc. The cd rom will feature similar content. Probably more stills and whatnot. The web version will be a streaming real media file and an option to download the quicktime. The cd and web versions will be 320x240. We plan to design a cover for cd and dvd as well as a cd-label, dvd menu, and cd-rom interface. All this will take place in the weeks following its completion. Back to the project and its status. This past week Patricia finished two scenes with the rain and an ocean background in 3D max, I am very pleased and excited. They look really neat and add new dimensions of color to our already bright work. Coupled with boosted chroma done in Edit, the piece has a very colorful feel, the pinks and blues match the candles and fire creating a good atmosphere. Veronique took care of two sequences as well. She animated a mask in after effects to block out Juliet's tag of her dress that happens to noticeably stick out in one scene. She also keyed out green in one shot of a close-up of Juliet's face. She rendered the clip with alpha and we will lay in a new background in Edit. Veronique is going to get sound effects for Tuesday and we can start to lay some of them in. This weekend coming up we have 12 hours of digisuite time reserved and I plan to use all of it to finish polishing and tightening the piece while veronique and patricia tweak scenes and rerender sequences. If all goes well (fingers crossed) the project will be complete in the 1 week we have remaining. Items remaining to be completed:

Veronique: closing credits, possible tweaking of 2 sequences, sound fx of rain, thunder, storm, glass breaking, etc.

Patricia: 1st floor sequence, tweaking of rain and ocean ( i am wondering if we can get that sequence any longer? we may need to save out a longer targa sequence)

Dave: tweaking of mirror shatter and Juliet shatter, digisuite work bringing it all together.

All: Art work for cd cover, CD label, dvd cover, dvd menu, CD interface, gathering assets for dvd and CD, gathering source files and project files for archiving. Discussion of critique presentation, who will say what, etc.

There is probably more.. but I am tired:) This Tuesday I want to get the new screen shots up, and a few small quicktimes showing some of the animations. See you all then:)






This weekend, we experimented on various methods and software techniques to attempt to create the desired effects for the project. The scenes focused on were the opening credits, the mirror crack sequence, and the floor board sequence. On Saturday Patricia created 3 dimensional cracks for the mirror using 3D studio MAX. She imported a rendered targa sequence as a texture on plane geometry in MAX. She then animated extruded splines to create the "cracks" and then used a video post filter to add a glow effect. The final result looked good, however the process was very tedious and time consuming so we looked for other ways to do it. I decided to tackle the effect in after effects. First I imported targa sequences of both the exterior, green screened, window and the inside mirror footage. The footage was color corrected and resized. I then keyed out the green mirror using after effect's color keyer and spill suppressor. The cracked effect was first attempted using After effects 5.0's new vector paint capabilities. I drew cracks using a pen tool and let the software animate the strokes. I then placed a small lens flare on the crack and animated its path to match the line as it was drawn. This method was much faster, yet still did not have the perfect look, mostly due to my drawing skills. Patricia will try to implement it a little better. My second method was using the production bundle filter, shatter. After spending a few hours tweaking the filter, I managed to create a realistic effect in which the mirror breaks and the pieces fall away. I then added a glow filter to the alpha making the edges light up in a subtle manner. To add to the look and atmosphere, I created a mask in Photoshop to mask out the space surrounding the mirror. The mask was then imported into after effects and a 3D rendered fog that Patricia created was placed in the background. The overall effect, while still needs tweaking, looks pretty neat. I think that the shatter effect coupled with a well done version of the vector paint version will be the right way to go. The floor sequence is coming along as well. I took the floor I created in 3D max, and added more composited textures to give it a more real feel. I then added a blue vortex type standard max filter and animated the tiling to create a fog. The camera was then animated slightly to add more realism. I then brought that as well as a targa sequence of Juliet on the floor with green screen into after effects. I keyed out the floor and added in my rendered wooden floor. Then the shatter filter was applied and tweaked a bit. I added some fancy looking effects using lens flares, but I believe that it all needs to be toned down to fit with the piece as a whole. After playing with the shatter filter in the mirror sequence, I believe I can better implement it in the floor sequence. The opening credits are coming along well too. We finally decided on a production company name to add for ourselves. MTN productions. The text for the credits were created by Veronique in illustrator, with video requirements in mind (i.e.. title and action safe, and NTSC color safe) and then imported into after effects where she is animating them. A few ideas have been created and toyed with. One involves the titles blurring in using a Gaussian blur filter. Another has the main title wash in from the top of the screen and become clear as it reaches the center. One idea that was a "happy accident" that I am really inspired by is having the letters frame out video behind. We made the layer a stencil alpha in after effects and put a targa sequence of Juliet behind.. The image of Juliet is clear while the text blurs in and out and looks pretty neat. I look forward to further experimentation using this effect in combination with the previous ones. The project as a whole is coming along... somewhat slowly, but its moving. During the next three weeks we need to pick up the pace and begin to put everything together. The edited piece as of now will not fit well with the effects scenes and will need to be re cut and tweaked. The music needs to change, and since Chad will most likely be too busy, we need to look into other possible sources of music. But it will all work out:) Anyway, this is Dave signing off on my first personally written PPJ. Hope you all enjoy it, and I'll try to write more soon.

Dave maietta

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