Personal Artwork

Here are some examples of my artwork and, as you can see, my prefered medium is clay. More specificaly, all of my works are made from terra cotta. I don't know what any of them "mean": I really just made things that I thought would be fun to make and/or to look at. Most of them are pretty scary and/or creepy, so don't look at them before bed or you might get nightmares. Be safe.

severed robot head!!!! :

gray head 1 gray head 2 gray head 3 gray head 4 gray head 5 gray head 6 gray head 7

This is my severed robot head, Gridiron II (pronounced grid-ear-on). I made the original head out of solid clay, then I made a plaster cast of it. This is the result of the second head I made from that cast (it is hollow, but still weighs about 600 pounds). As you'll see, the face of every copy I made is very different. This is because the face of the original head was pretty awful and I had to spend LOTS OF TIME fixing it before the fire.
Anyway, this head is slightly larger than life-sized - about 14" from the bottom of the neck to the crown of the head.

plastic surgery :

blob 1 blob 2 blob 3 blob 4 blob 5

This sexy guy was based on before plastic surgery pics (both male and female ones). Its about 11" high. Maybe I should have made an after too?

a diseased head :

dirty head 1 dirty head 2 dirty head 3 dirty head 4 dirty head 5 dirty head 6

Another head made from the head cast. I used, like, 10 different glazes on this and the surface came out really irregular. Someone said it looks like it has a skin disease (and I agree). He's the same size as Gridiorn II.

an injured bunny(!!!!) :

rabbit 1 rabbit 2 rabbit 3 rabbit 4 rabbit 5 rabbit 6

This is a bunny I made. Its about 14" long and 9" high. Fortunately, a piece of is back broke off in the kiln, leaving me with an AWESOME piece of removable flesh. CUTE, RIGHT?!

squid :

squid 1 squid 2 squid 3 squid 4 squid 5 squid 6

About 13" high. He was spray painted pink after being fired, then I put in the details (eyes, lips, rosy cheeks) with some regular acrylic paint.

extra scary head :

scary head 1 scary head 2 scary head 3 scary head 4 scary head 5 scary head 6

This is the same size as the other heads. Also, that's piece of my hand. I made a plaster press mold of it.