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A R T ?*

Under any other circumstances, I would not provide an introduction to this website. In fact, I probably wouldn't even use logic to organize the thing: if I had it my way, this website would be a confusing maze of never-ending links, pictures, and, random words. You'd be all like, "What is that? Weird. Let me click here," and THAT is how I would suck you in. You would probably end up clicking and clicking for hours because I'm really clever like that. Just so you know, it's really difficult for me to contest my naturally avant garde tendencies, so just email me if you don't understand something. ANYWAY, because I really DO want you to believe that it is possible for every aspect of my artwork (i.e. THIS website) to be perfect and organized and beautiful, while simultaniously being earth-shatteringly entertaining, it is probably better that I provide a substantial introduction to the AMAZING JOURNEY on which you are about to embark:

The purpose of this website is to show off my collection of amateur artwork, to show off some of my very silly sculptures, and to publish some of the art history papers and museum reviews that I wrote as an undergraduate. Now that I have completely immersed myself in the study of Library Sciences (I officially retired from the art scene at the ripe old age of 22), many of the people I know seem to have forgotten that art was once a HUGE part of my life. The things on this site are for them and for me. This website is a true lament - a eulogy for the murdered art of my past.
If all goes according to my plan, I will update this site every week until it is finished. After that, I will let this site die, much as I have let my art die! Dramatically and violently!!!!!!! Sike. I may or may not continue adding new content after its finished. Time will tell.


Before exploring, prepare to be astonished, prepare to be disappointed,
and, most importantly, PLEASE prepare to be more afraid than you have ever been in your entire life. I will not be held responsible for any injuries.

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