Art History Papers

Senior Thesis - Willem de Kooning and Arshile Gorky
JMW Turner - Whalers
Rembrandt - The Polish Rider

Arshile Gorky's Influence on the
Early Paintings of Willem De Kooning

I wrote this paper during my senior year (Spring 2006) as an Art History major at Montclair State University. In addition to a discussion their friendship, it discusses the reasons that Gorky had such a great impact on de Kooning's early work. A bibliography, ten illustrations, and footnotes are included.

Themes of Depression in JMW Turner's Whalers

This paper was written for my 19th Century Art History Class in the Fall of 2004. Through the examination of events of his personal life, it discusses themes of hopepessness and depression throughout the painting, Whalers, by the artist, JMW Turner.

Rembrandt's the Polish Rider

This paper is about the painting the Polish Rider by Rembrandt van Rijn and was written for my 17th and 18th Century Art History requirement. More specifically, the paper discusses several studies that have been conducted surrounding the origin of the painting's mysterious subjects. Two illustrations are included here.