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Introduction to My Collection

When I was an undergradute and there was nothing to do but watch TV, my friends and I would sit around and color or draw or cut out pictures in magazines (its a very healthy activity!!).

I eventually started to keep some of the the drawings people voluntarily gave to me. Once this collection filled a small box, I decided that it would be a GREAT IDEA to actively FORCE people to create works of art for me.

While most of the drawings took only a few minutes to complete, I specifically remember who drew each one. In fact, the only reason I even remember some of the artists is because of the fact that they drew for me. Even when an artist is unknown, I have some type of memory attached to the picture. If it showed up during a party, I have a memory of the party for that picture.

The pictures on this site is a VERY small fraction of the drawings and paintings that I collected (I have a couple MILLION). Maybe I will get them all up here one day...or not.

The image below was painted by my Canadian friend, Pete, but it was't painted specifically FOR me (he just scanned it for me). By click on the different parts of the picture, you can see more of my collection. To see Artists (A-J), click the boat. To see Artists (K-Z) click the shack. To see unknown artists, click the hand.

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