TSIPCHAT is a versatileprogram used to assigned your GPs unit its appropriate language, as well as specific nuances of the language.


For exmpale, in TSIP, there are hundreds of commands that can allow you access (or turn off access) to certain information. A complete list of TSIP commands and their functions are available in the help file. You can type in these commands through the % symbol. A different screen will come up, and you simply enter your command there.


TAIP offers the same when you hold shift and hit backslash. There is another list of commands available in the help manual. Anything you want to access is available to you.


NMEA is a bit more difficult. To access the NMEA options, one must hit the q button. Once there, you can use your space bar to cycle through options. The first message you should see is "Operation: ". Cycle through the options until you see Set <1>. Then hit enter. the NMEA itnerval is the interval at which yuo want the program to report. I use 100. Next, a list of options will arise, with either on or off as their answers. In other words. Would you like the GGA, GLL, VTG, GSV, GSA, ZDA, or RMC messages? Though they sound like giberish, their actual functions can be found in the help manual. For example, ZDA is time and date. If you want those options to be sent to you via serial port, just hit space until on is seen. Then hit enter.