Pure Digital Flip Video Camera

512Mb F130W

Summary: Costs four times as much as the original disposable video camera, but you get what you pay for.

I've been playing with this camera for a day now, it is by far the best thing to come out of Pure Digital. But there are a few hacks I'd like to see. Physically I'll want to add a tripod mount and macro lens. Software-wise, it should be able to record more than 30 minutes on a 512MB chip. (There are two models, 30 minute and 60 minute/1GB. The diagnostic screen says "NAND 4Gb", meaning gigabits.) I'm still experimenting with the finer points of video codecs to allow playback of uploaded files. I also miss my Mac Classic skin (zipfile).



Comes with a nice black carry pouch, wrist strap and 5' TV out cable. Cable has stereo connectors, but there are only enough pins for mono. The camera also records in mono, so they probably parallel slave the two audio connectors.



The UI is the same, with the addition of a D pad. This lets you watch/delete any video clip. During playback, the volume is adjustable. During recording, there is digital zoom.

The video is encoded 640x480 at 30fps, in 3ivx. There are some Windows and Mac installers preloaded to the camera's memory.

Other hardware additions include a flip out USB connector, which appears as a mass storage device. The batteries are finally easy to access. The top of the unit still has the same connector as the older cameras, but is now covered with a spring loaded dust flap instead of a sticker. The TV port is barely visible, next to the battery door hinge.



Pop out the four visible screws. Lift the rear sticker and remove the fifth. Be more careful than me and try to avoid cosmetic damage. Mind your screws, the pair above and below the power button are shorter than the other three. As in the disposable video cameras, the battery connector is a separate PCB.




The mainboard is attached by three more screws. Thankfully the USB connector has its own header. There are a large number of components with amusing names along the lines of CNEW2, RNEW4, etc.

The focus adjust is glued in place. That bit of masking tape covers a possible short created by one of the springs.



Under the LCD is a small sticker. It is printed CL72V3 over which is handwritten B15. The board is labeled part number 0016A7910L-B01 revision B1. There were no epoxy blobs, and there are a few sites which could be test points.



Chip labeling:


A2 X7AGP0714DQ
(handmarked e)

SAMSUNG     646
(handmarked slash)

(handmarked B7)


When reassembling, don't forget to remount the battery door spring.

This is the first Pure Digital camera I can freely recommend to friends and family. At $80 it is a bit steep compared to their past offerings, but this camera Just Works. It doesn't frustrate, and you will actually get something done with it without first resorting to hackery.



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