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Need help finding a job? Can't figure out why your resume isn't catching the right eye? Need advice on what to wear for that interview?

Let us help

In addition to the career center at the library, we would like to offer these online resources. We want you to have access to this information when you need it most.

On each page, we have pulled together some great resources that will help you on the rough road to that coveted career.

Each page will have an overview of what treasures are to be found along with some pointers and insider tips. Videos are provided to give you the kind of advice you need to put together a winning combination and land that job!

The box on each page contains books found at the Hendersonville Library. Come on in and we can show you where they are!

  • The Big Book of Jobs-331.7 Vgm
  • Jobs Almanac-650.14 Ada
  • Great Jobs in the President's Stimulus Plan- 331.702 Sha
  • Best Jobs in the 21st Century- 331.702 Far

Places to start

When it all seems too overwhelming!

Look to the websites of major businesses and companies in the area. Vanderbilt, Dollar General and Tractor Supply are a few of the biggies in Middle Tennessee.

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