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Getting dog owners and their dogs off to the right start is the foundation of any successful relationship. There are many things that you can do to ensure that another dog does not end up at the rescue center. If circumstances do turn in the direction where you need to find a new home, you can do your best to insure that the pal you've grown to love will be welcomed into another loving family.

Selecting the right puppy is the first step. Preparing your home for the arrival will make the transition into dog ownership easier. Everyone likes a well behaved dog; you will want to provide basic training so that others can enjoy your companion just as much as you do. Basic commands provide a foundation for fun activities that you may choose to do later. Even if you already own a dog or have owned one in the past, you may find some interesting information that can help your furry friend become a loved member of the family.

There are links to other resources, such as the AKC, found throughout the site to help you in your quest. Be sure to take advantage of these, because these sites are known to be reputable.

So remember, as the old saying goes:

"The only bad dog is one with a bad owner."

Don't let it be you!

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