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Basic Training

There are many different methods for teaching your dog. By far, the most effective is through positive reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement, you will reward your dog with food, toys or praise. Each dog has its own personality, however, very few puppies will be motivated by praise. Try starting out with good treats instead.

These can include:

If this doesn't work, switch to toys. Always praise your dog with a high pitched, happy, excited voice. Say a command once. Do not repeatedly say it since this will teach your dog that you really want him to sit the third or fourth or fifth time you say it!

Say "dog's name", "command" and then help them succeed.

Example: "Wolf" "sit" hold treat over nose as described on the sit training page.

Once your dog masters a command, you will want to incorporate multiple commands into a session before giving the reward. Eventually, after much practice, the goal is to move towards hand signals with praise as the reward. A dog that works for praise will obey you anywhere regardless of whether or not you have treats. So, unless you plan to carry enough treats in your pocket, for the remainder of your dogs life, you will want a response for praise!


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