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About Us

For most of my childhood, my family owned dogs. Training them has always given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. When my oldest daughter asked for a dog, we began our journey into seeking out the perfect companion. As an avid researcher, she selected the Australian Shepherd as the perfect dog for our family's lifestyle. She did a great job! They are member of the herding group with lots of energy and brains. They enjoy our country lifestyle. The goats, horses and cattle are the perfect distractions for them. We do not train them for herding, but we love agility and obedience. My older daughter trains Wolf in agility while my younger daughter will train Cain when he is ready. I train both in obedience.

Our current, in house aussies, are Blue Eagle's Goin Red, aka Cain and Nitani's Call of the Wild CGC, aka Wolf. Cain is currently enrolled in puppy classes. We will begin agility in the near future. Wolf earned his Canine Good Citizen certification. He loved agility during his younger days even though we did not compete professionally.


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