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Additional resources


The Knitting Guild Association


They have chapters all around the country that you can join. They also sell a kit on the site that teaches you how to knit. Unlike other kits that are sold, this one offers you the option of sending it to another Guild member to be critiqued. Like having your own personal instructor.

Craft Yarn Council of America


They sponsor a lot of great events to get people excited about knitting a crocheting.


Barnes & Noble Basics: Knitting and Crocheting

Authored by Nancy J. Thomas, 2004. Barnes & Noble Books: New York, NY.

One of my favorites, it was the first book I picked up when I decided to start learning. The step-by-step instructions and illustrations were extremely useful. The book lists various other resources and web sites that you can turn to for additional information. The glossary and index in the back of the book come in handy, especially for beginners.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting & Crocheting

Authored by Barbara Breiter and Gail Diven, 2003. Alpha Books: Indianapolis, IN.

Another great basic book for beginners, it lays the foundation for those learning to knit and crochet. It also helps that Ms. Breiter hosts the About.com Knitting site (see below) to offer her expertise to all levels.

Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

Authored by Debbie Stoller, 2003. Workman Publishing: New York, NY.

This was recommended to me by many of my friends and I love it too. If you can get past the profanity in the title (and the two or three other expletives in the book) then this will be a great reference book for your knitting collection. The book's instructions follow a logical and simple progression and the numerous patterns and project suggestions will keep you busy for months. The first book was so successful that Ms. Stoller release a second book in the series in 2004 (Stitch 'N Bitch Nation).

Web Sites

About.com's Knitting Page


Barbara Breiter is the face on this site. She's shared some of her knowledge and patterns as have the masses of other people who use the site. There is a true sense of knitting community at this site because of everyone's willingness to share tips, tricks, techniques, etc. Ms. Breiter also maintains her own site with free patterns, amny submitted by other people in the knitting community: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/.

Learn to Knit & Crochet


This site is sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council. Sections on the site include "Knit vs. Crochet: What's the Difference?," "Getting Started," and "Project Ideas."

Wool Works: the online knitting compendium


One of the most comprehensive sites I've come across, it's a collection of links to various other resources for knitting information. Sections include "Patterns," "Resources," and Stores" among other things.

Manufacturers & Retailers



The sites tag line is "The Place for Boutique Knitwear Designs." This retailer offers a large selection of unique patterns - some free and some for sale. They also offer video instructions for beginners on the site for free.

Knitting at Knoon Designs


This site offers tons of free resources including videos designed for beginners to demonstrate the various techniques (i.e., casting-on, finishing, etc.).

Lion Brand Yarn


A favorite yarn of many of my friends, they offer a large selection of colors, weights, and fibers for your knitting pleasure. They also have a ton of free downloadable patterns along with guides that teach you to knit and crochet. The free weekly newsletter notifies you of any new patterns they've posted to the site.

Wonderful Things


Many retail sites also offer instructions. My guess is that they're trying to demonstrate to non-knitters just how easy it is to learn, thus recruiting potential new customers. In any case, I think the instruction offered by Wonderful Things is phenomenal. There's no attempt to sell any of their wares while they teach, and the instructions are so clear.