Karen's Knitting Site

About this site

Shamefully, I admit that I used to think of knitting as something that older women did to pass the time.

Soon, though, I began to see signs that it was becoming an increasingly popular hobby for people of all ages. Many of my own friends were telling me what great fun they were having knitting. I had to understand this growing phenomenon.

Little did I know when I started to knit that I would love it so much. I've just started to learn so I have yet to actually complete a project, but the sense of accomplishment that I'll feel when I finally do... I can only wait!

This site is my minor contribution to the world of knitting. My hope is that, if you've recently decided to take up knitting, this site will provide you with some useful information.

And for those of you who haven't yet decided whether or not you want to learn how to knit, maybe this site will help you decide.

Have fun exploring!