Jason Blanchard

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Speaking in Code is a feature documentary about independent electronic music. It has played at numerous music and film festivals including the Independent Film Festival Boston, the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival and the CMJ Film Festival in New York City. Edited by Amy Grill & Jason Blanchard.

Busker: Portrait of an Underground Artist
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"Busker" is a documentary short about Gonzalo Silva, a singer/songwriter who makes his living playing for audiences in underground train stations all over the world. Produced, directed, edited and shot by Jason Blanchard.

Gaza Crisis in Boston
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"Gaza Crisis" is a short documentary that explores a Palestinian protest in Boston's Copley Square as a microcosm for the conflicted situation between Israel and Palestine. Produced, directed, edited and shot by Jason Blanchard.

Central Square
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Narrated by Mark J. Solomon, "Central Square" explores the tensions between high and low classes in Cambridge, Massachusetts' Central Square. Inviting us into his world, Solomon shows us a city that doesn't know who it is or who it wants to be, a paradox between empathy and apathy in urban America. "Central Square" won the Take Action Hollywood! Award at the 2010 Emerson Film Festival. Produced, directed, edited and shot by Jason Blanchard & Kady Buchanan