Curriculum Vitae





  1. MIP 179 - Music Recording I
    1. Introduces the art of sound recording, including fundamentals of microphone placement, tape qualities, and recording equipment specifications and usage.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: None
  2. MIP 279 - Music Recording II
    1. Basic music recording techniques are demonstrated with in concentration toward session work-flow and signal-flow. Requires students to create several broadcast-quality recordings, including editing and mix-down of the final master.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP 179 Minimum Grade: D
  3. MIP 379 - Music Recording III
    1. This is an advanced examination of current state of the art recording techniques. Special attention is paid to digital audio editing, digital and analog mixing techniques, advanced compression and equalization techniques and time-based processing.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP 279 Minimum Grade: D
  4. MIP 387 - Studio Maintenance and Assisting
    1. This course will introduce to the student the basic maintenance and assisting techniques used in the modern recording studio. Basic electronic components, measurements and calibration are covered. Assisting techniques, studio etiquette, and environment are covered.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP279 Music Recording II
  5. MIP 433 - Computer and Digital Apps IV
    1. This course focuses on advanced Digital Audio Workstation techniques used in modern recording production with an emphasis on Audio editing. Sound replacement, pitch correction and editing proficiency are all covered.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP 233 Minimum Grade: D
  6. MIP 481 - Mixing and Mastering
    1. The fine art of mixing and mastering music are covered in depth. This is an advanced record engineering course that will focus on just the mixing and mastering process of recording. Proper equipment usage, printing methods, formats, and production goals are covered.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP 379 Minimum Grade: D
  7. MIP 482 - Recording Session
    1. Students will be involved in all aspects of recording production including song selection, arranging, session planning, recording, and mixing.
    2. Credits: 3
    3. Pre-Requisites: MIP279 Minimum Grade: D