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The story "Eveline," by James Joyce is a short story written about an Irish woman who has to make a difficult, life-changing decision whether to leave all that she has known and sail to Buenos Ayres with her lover, Frank, or to stay in Ireland where she has lived her entire life. Eveline, the woman in the story, has been offered by her lover, Frank, to come and live with him as his wife in Buenos Ayres, where Frank lives. For Eveline, going with Frank could be a way to escape her tough life taking care of the house and her younger siblings, all the while working to help support the family. However, this life is all that Eveline has ever known and as a result, she is very relunctant to leave it since her life with Frank would cause her to adopt an entirely new life in a short time. Throughout much of the story, Eveline is remembering all of the experiences, both positive and negative, that she has had with her family and in her home.

Some of the things that made Eveline want to leave her home include her relationship with her father, her job at the Stores, the consuming task of keeping the house together, and the general inability of Eveline to lead a life under these conditions. Though Eveline loves her father, her father has come after her to beat her now that she has grown up and does little to help around the home. He is even reluntant to give Eveline money to help pay for food to feed the family when he is the one who earns the most money in the family (Joyce 659). In order to provide for her family, Eveline works at the Stores under the supervision of Miss Gavan, a rather strict supervisor that, "...always had an edge on her, especially whenever people were listening" (Joyce 659). Eveline is also consumed by the task of ensuring that her younger siblings are properly clothed, eat right, and go to school, tasks that their mother would normally handle if she were alive. All of these things add up, making it almost impossible for Eveline to have a life of her own, something that her deceased mother never had.

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On the other hand, there are several things that make Eveline want to stay with her father at home in Ireland. To start, Eveline felt as though she had a responsibility to keep the house together since she had promised this to her dying mother. She especially felt as though she had a responsibility to her younger siblings, whom she was the primary caretaker for. She also feared the unknown. Moving to an unknown place, on the other side of the world, with no family or friends except for Frank, was a scary notion for Eveline. In additon, Eveline had so all of her memories in her home and none where she would be moving to.

Taking this story of Eveline's struggle and adapting it to a short film would have several advantages, including allowing the director the ability to portray each of Eveline's memories in more detail than is done in the short story. These advantages are discussed in more detail in the Reasons For Adaptation section. The rest of this website is dedicated to talking about how the adaptation of "Eveline," to a short film could be done while keeping, if not expanding on, the central themes that Joyce wished to highlight. The sections of the website include:

  • The Setting section talks about how the setting could be portrayed differently and the things that would likely be preserved.
  • The Characters section discusses how the central characters in the story would be incorporated into the adaptation.
  • The Scenes section talks about each of the scenes from the story that would be included in the adaptation and how.
  • The Music Selection section includes mention of the kind of musical selection that would be made for the various scenes.
  • The Reasons For Adaptation section discusses the reasons for making many of the decisions in the adaptation.