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Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation known for it's innovation in simplifying IT with it's software product and services. Oracle has a number of enterprise software products but is mainly known for its database development and management software line. Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system and is extremely popular within the database world. If you are headed towards a career is some type of database administering, you are highly likely to run into Oracle. Therefore, a certification from Oracle will probably be required later down the road. Oracle offers tons of different certifications over a variety of specific topics but I will only cover the popular and most useful ones. Oracle Database is probably the most popular certification offered because the Oracle Database software is widely used by many of corporations.
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Oracle is a leader in Information Technology and with the right certification you can be too. Whether you're a database administrator or a Java developer, Oracle has the certification you need to get your foot in the door.

Oracle Certifications: Average Annual Salaries
Oracle 2012 2013
Database $68,750 $69,000
Applications $81,940 $83,711
Enterprise Management $86,974 $89,290
Certifications Oracle has to offer:
  • Oracle Database Certifications:

  • Oracle Database technology is trusted and used by over a quarter million top companies
    in the world; Choosing to pursue this certification is a good path to becoming a database
    administrator. This certification will prove you have developed the expertise to work on the
    number one embedded database technology.
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  • Oracle Applications Certifications:

  • Oracle Application Certifications are great to prove your skills using Oracle applications. There are over 64 Oracle Applications certifications to choose from depending on your career direction. These certifications will give you credibility among peers and hiring managers within your field of choice.
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  • Oracle Enterprise Management Certifications:

  • Oracle is not only known for it's Database software but also for it's Enterprise Management IT management product line. Invest in your future with a Enterprise Manager certification; manage the experiences for millions of customers within an enterprise environment.
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