Rin Tin Tin

There have been generations of dogs that have carried the name of Rin Tin Tin throughout the years all started by a man named Lee Duncan who owned the first four generations.

In all there have been 14 dogs known as Rin Tin Tin.

The First Rin Tin Tin Born September 10, 1918 and died August 10, 1932. Starred in 26 Warner Brothers films.
Junior Born September, 1931. Made three serials for various studios and toured the country promoting the Rin Tin Tin films.
Rin Tin Tin III Born in the Fall of 1941. Helped train 5,000 dogs for the first US Military K9 Corps.
Rin Tin Tin II Born April 22, 1949. This German Shepherd was used part-time in the television series, Rin Tin Tin.
Rin Tin Tin IV Born March 5, 1952. There were four different German Shepherds used in the Rin Tin Tin television series and this one was the lead dog during shooting and the most well known and recognized.
Rin Tin Tin V Born March 18, 1957 and died in 1964. Used primarily for breeding to preserve the Rin Tin Tin lineage.
Bodyguards Rin Tin Tin Born March 20, 1959. Known as Judo he performed at dog shows and helped continue the Rin Tin Tin lineage.
Rin Tin Tin VI Born July 4, 1984. Known as Fido he was used to continue the Rin Tin Tin lineage.
Rin Tin Tin VII Known as Bubba he was born March 22, 1990 and died in a tragic accident in 1994.
Rin Tin Tin VIII Born December 12, 1994 and died June 14, 2007. Known as Rinty he worked as an ambassador in responsible dog ownership programs to more than 5,000 school children during public appearances.
Rin Tin Tin IX Born January 16, 2002. Sustained an injury to his ear which prevented him from making personal appearances but continued in the breeding program.
Rin Tin Tin X Born October 23, 2004 but passed away prematurely.
Rin Tin Tin XI Born July, 2009. Retired due to an injury.
Rin Tin Tin XII Born October, 2008. Attends events across the country promoting the Rin Tin Tin legacy.